For Esther de Geus (26), windsurfing is not only a calling, but it is also her life. She is a professional athlete. What is there not to love about the swift water, the rawness of the elements and the challenge of the wind!

She is the Dutch national champion slalom and has won the 1st spot consistently over and over again in 2009, 2015, 2016, 2017 and 2018. For the first time this year, she’s got the 5th spot in the world ranking list in the slalom discipline of the Professional Windsurfing Association.

The windsurfing slalom discipline is a real sailing power sport defined as athletics, requiring stamina and endurance. There are many short races either alone or as part of a group that leads to qualifications and finally allow contestants like Esther to compete at the international finals. Contestants are surfing in medium to high wind conditions from 9-35 knots. Naturally, a slalom sailing race is very fun to watch, it pushes the speed limits and lets the fastest win!

Looking back, Ester and her twin sister Lilian always looked up to what their brothers did and learned how to windsurf from them when they were twelve years old in Torbole, Italy.  Ever since then both of them have scored top positions in the international rankings. What made them this successful? Preparation and nurture from their family: always supportive and encouraging them to follow their big dreams.

For Esther 2018 was a very good year, she spent a lot of time on the water, sharpened her skills and gained valuable experience from the slalom competitions. She pushed her limits, learned new tricks and prepared for the high international level, making her mark on the global chart. She also signed a brand new sponsorship deal with!

Esther has always been very supportive of her sister Lilian. Together with 2 of their best friends they surprised Lilian at the world finals, witnessed and celebrated Lilian’s best performance of becoming the world windsurf champion in the Olympic RX:S class in Aarhus, Denmark in August 2018. A very sweet gesture that means a lot to the twin sisters.

When Esther is not competing outdoors she focuses on her technical skills, physical performance and mental strength. She practices endurance cycling, cross-fit, and power training. More about that later.

Esther relies on herself and others to advance her technical skills, she trains in mixed groups of sailing men and women where she is learning by doing. What really makes a difference is sparing with the male competitors who train for their part of the qualifications. She has realized that it’s a small world and it’s very important to choose your training partners.

Having convincingly conquered the national levels, Esther will work on getting a top 3 spot in the international competitions in Portugal, France, and Denmark in 2019.

For a while, she has been training to compete in a new discipline: foil. To an unassuming observer, this may look like flying above the water. The foil is a hip new discipline that still makes its way to the Dutch and international competitions. One that Esther would like to explore further.

Esther has a big heart and an even bigger passion for the sport that requires much sacrifice and commitment. Often she gets surprised looks at airports, she travels around the world with her equipment, a back-bending load of 40-50 kg heavy bags for a not so tall Dutch girl. The people working at the airport often greet her and wonder which next challenge she will tackle.

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