We often hear about the highlights of a tournament and the performance of the athletes.

Equipment, technique, contestants, competitions, scores, and placements… And how about the training itself? 

For non-athletes, some things just take time. We just have to keep learning and moving forward, a little every day. Steady, imperfect progress is better than none at all. Forward is forward, no matter how slow.  Of course, waking up an expert at something new is impossible.

When you play to win, and winning is your life, training is an essential part of the process. And how do you reach the top of sports? Work smart, not hard.

For high-level athletes like Lilian and Esther de Geus, this means planning ahead very precisely. Schedules of trainings, competitions, breaks, and travels are known sometimes up to 2 years in advance.

2019 started strong for Lilian, she trained in Oakland, New Zealand for the whole month of February. She built on her skills with the Chinese windsurfing team which ranks in the top 5 in the world at the moment. Although the intercultural communication was sometimes challenging, the impact of the training came from the top level of the athletes. Training with the best in the world in your field is a thrilling and encouraging experience.

In windsurfing excellent preparation is about training on land and in the water, learning from competitors, knowing the currents and winds at the location. One of the biggest challenges comes from finding the right locations to train for big competitions all over the world.

Mental preparation and discipline play a big role. To perform at her best Lilian has to make sure she reaches her peak at the right moment- building up to a competition is very important. Often top athletes push themselves too much before a competition and this could be killing for the results that matter, or even worse they could arrive ill at the race. Resilience and focus, taking a step back and not giving in to the negative emotions eases dealing with the stress and striving for the best results.

This year Lilian focuses on the 3 most important events for her the EK in Palma de Mallorca, the test event in Japan for the summer Olympics in 2020, and the WK in Torbole at the end of the year.

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