First impressions
Six months ago I joined the Excelerators team and the journey has been full of surprises and discoveries.

International consulting, commercial due diligence for private equity funds, market intelligence, opening new markets…
From an outsider's point of view, it seems that Excelerators business is sophisticated and difficult to wrap one's mind around. Nevertheless, I managed to pass through tough interviews and tests and made up my mind to take the challenge and step into something unknown. After all, it seemed I was well suited for working in this business environment due to my ambitions, broad work experience and deep professional knowledge.

My first surprise about Excelerators was their ability to provide high-level expertise internationally. In fact, the company can serve almost in every part of the world because it works with locals who know the quirks of their country best. Soon I got to know my foreign colleagues. I found the team highly professional, coming from different industries and sharing new knowledge with me.

Growth opportunity
Suddenly, I started experiencing much more freedom than in my previous jobs. Working in such a dynamic environment means that every day is different. I realised that for my first assignment I won’t have regular tasks on a weekly or monthly basis and I won’t necessarily stay at the office. This was very suspicious and maybe a bit scary for all of my ex-colleagues, but quite a calling for me.

It opened new opportunities for me and some room for creativity I was eager to take advantage of. To be successful in the first months I already had to use all my professional knowledge and experience so far, from working as an accountant, a business analyst in a pharmaceutical company, entrepreneurial experience from leading a private travel business, an account manager from the advertising industry.

It challenged my ability to be creative in data analysis, in creating Excel models, in solving new tasks every week and communicating at C-level.

Newly found freedom and a different point of view
There was another side of the company that opened my eyes - the emphasis on accountability while having the freedom to work anywhere. The team has an uncanny way of using new technologies and means of communication. I find it very modern, smart and motivating both for company and employees: a company doesn’t spend on office costs and staff is motivated to show results. 

It’s not enough just to show up at the office anymore, you must deliver. No one controls what you’re doing and how much coffee you drink, the motivation comes by itself. You need to be eager to take the opportunity and prove the trust of your managers.

Trust and support in a team of professionals
This is a completely new experience for me and a very positive one. It’s a reassuring feeling to be trusted and immediately accepted as a player in one team where everyone wants to win. There is no rivalry, no internal bureaucracy, however, there’s mutual respect and thriving to deliver the best service to customers. My colleagues actvely support each other so we can perform better and reach our targets. It's a different way of working and I enjoy it!


Alla in the Excelerators team
Alla is a Senior Business Analyst at Excelerators, a high-level financial professional. 

She has worked in several industries, she began her career as an accountant for a sports TV channel, then moved to the advertising business and later to a Swiss financial consulting company. She also worked in the pharmaceutical industry as a business planning analyst. 

Alla has a highly energetic personality and a broad variety of interests ranging from rock music, sports, literature and psychology. She has travelled all over the world and lived in China for 2 years with her family. She has a family and two boys that keep her active. She is open to new challenges and trusts that every positive and negative experience brings  a good life lesson. To make the most of life, she is making the most out of every opportunity and challenge.