We continue to reinforce our Business Development Team across Europe and beyond. We invite exceptional talent with a drive to make New Business happen reach out to us.

We are looking for heartwarming personalities, with an ability to listen, engage and challenge. We accommodate for personal preferences and actively build highly diversified teams.


I'm Danish and grew up in Esbjerg at the windy west coast of Denmark.

I’m educated Marketing Economist and BA in Business Administration from England. I love to speak, laugh, travel, cooking and healthy living. My family is the most important thing in the world – and fortunately my boys are still hugging and kissing material.

I have been travelling for the last 25 years. I lived in Germany and England and stayed for longer periods in Spain and Greece. The last 10 years we have been living in Bulgaria, one of the most interesting and ‘untouched’ countries in Europe. Back then we just wanted to travel for a year before the children got too big…we simply never returned!

I’ve been working with Excelerators from the beginning and have done market research and lead generation for a wide variety of companies. I am into good and well-prepared conversations with decision makers. Creating value together.

I’m further educated within Functional Food and Medicine – how to heal the imbalances in the body with natural remedies and your daily food.


I am Colombian, raised in the United States; I worked in Mozambique for five years, and moved to The Netherlands seven years ago with my husband and two kids. I am an anthropologist and public health specialist and have worked in the international development sector almost my entire career.

Before Excelerators, I managed a portfolio of health projects throughout Afghanistan and Pakistan. I also focused on institutional fundraising with major donors such as European Commission and Global Fund.

I have a natural desire and ability to connect with people, as well as to connect people together. This comes in handy at Excelerators, where I am responsible for the international expansion of European customers expanding to the US, and into South America. I am truly enjoying connecting business professionals and facilitating high profile business development.

I also love dedicating time to my family; and I think it’s wonderful that at Excelerators we have found a way to make the work/life agenda work!

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