How cool is it to see that the POST eLeague is such a success with lots of competing teams, live streaming of matches and the main finals planned for September. It all started out as an idea within the organization to connect POST Luxembourg (the incumbent telecom operator) to a much younger crowd than they traditionally do. A young and inspiring product manager and gamer realized that gaming could be a way to engage with a younger audience as the rise of the eSports industry is nothing but spectacular. 


Huh? People watching other people playing games?....yes that’s exactly what is happening for years now. Gamers like to compete themselves, but also watch other great players compete against each other. It turned into a billion dollar industry with a whole ecosystem of tournaments, games, streaming platforms, sponsors and most of all an audience of 600M fans around the world. 

Acting fast

The local market was still “up for grabs” so POST could take a leading spot if it acted fast. This can be a challenge to any big company and telecom providers are no exception. To make sure the opportunity was not lost, the European market was quickly benchmarked to see what other telecom providers were doing and what lessons could be learned. The main lesson was to partner with a ready-to-go platform instead of reinventing the wheel. This allowed for POST to focus on the competition and communication to all the gamers in the Luxembourg region. 

Grabbing the opportunity

The games were carefully selected and the right partner was found. The POST Board shared the enthusiasm and the initiative and the competition were launched only a few months later. The audience is growing fast and the initiative even caught the eye of a broadcaster. But above all the fans and gamers in the region are super excited for the finals in September 2020 at the LGX 2020 event!

Check out the league for yourself here