International Business Development is a combination of strategy, market intelligence and lead generation. This last part is driven by our network of business developers, lets meet a few of them to see how they operate across the globe for our customers.

Clair - United Kingdom

I have been working for Excelerators now for 2 years and have worked for customers in industries like concrete flooring, real-estate and telecom. I love to work on different projects and now I have the opportunity to work from home as well. One of my key projects is helping our client by engaging with global companies that initiate lots of industrial warehousing projects to convince them to use our flooring solutions. Basically, we create a pull from the market and work closely together with the current distributors around the world to do the follow up on actual projects. One of the key success factors in international business development is to be fully aligned with the client and their partners. I find the whole process of dealing with the international business community richly rewarding and as a people person really enjoy the contact I now have with so many different cultures. All of the projects I have worked on have needed me to tap into my Psychology and Marketing background which I find very satisfying. I thrive on working on my own initiative and being challenged and Excelerators gives me that and so much more! 

Clara - USA

My background is in fundraising in the non-profit sector. Two years ago I had the opportunity to start working as a B2B business developer at Excelerators and was so pleased to see how transferable some of my skills were. I have always been good at speaking with people and finding a connection. This in combination with persistence and language skills in English, Spanish, and Portuguese have made a successful business developer. My first assignment with Excelerators was in the industrial machinery sector, we started off trying to engage the US market, and the response was so positive that we then moved onto Canada. I have also worked for other tech clients. There were a couple of times when someone was about to hang up on me, and I was able to rescue the situation and engage them in a conversation. What a rush when that happens! 

Angela - Germany

I have experience in business development and management of both big and small b2b companies and also in managing my own business. I put my commercial skills to good use with Excelerators. I have been active on projects for Networking companies, Financial software providers, Telecom operators, BPO services and eCommerce platforms. A nice example of the value we bring to our clients is that besides engaging B2B prospects is in our ability to reach out to competitors as well and obtain specific b2b offers and pricing. While I engage with the focus market/ group  my colleagues analyze the collected data and quickly identify what the relevant insights are and as a result help sharpen the value proposition for the clients.

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