Deal sourcing

We help Private Equity firms spot acquisition targets supported by solid market intelligence across markets. We analyse targets, visualise the playing field and uncover key insights about their USP, organisation, market position, strengths and weaknesses. The aim is to create a short list of targets that have the best fit with the ambitions of the future investors. We don't stop there and handle the initial approach as well to qualify the targets further and arrange the first meetings. With deal sourcing Private Equity firms can "skip" the first steps in dealmaking and focus at what they do best.

Commercial Due Diligence

We help Private Equity firms with Commercial Due Diligence, both on the sell- and the buy-side. We are hands-on and deliver high quality data-driven insights. Typical questions we address include: How has the business evolved? Is the business plan realistic? Is the sales team organized to achieve growth? What are the main strengths and weaknesses in the commercial strategy? Where can this company grow beyond the plan? We ultimately create an alternative business plan, based on data-room information, specific market research and interviews.  

Post Merger Integration (PMI)

Integration of add-on investments comes with significant complexity, often delaying the realization of envisioned synergies. When integrating companies, we focus on the realisation of commercial synergies in the first place. This starts with an analysis of all the prerequisites in Propositions, Processes, IT, People & Culture. Knowing what to do is not enough, you need to make it happen as well. We come with a strong programmatic approach (PMO) to create a clear & shared overview of all priorities and timelines, and make sure we can report on progress made at different levels in the organization. This way of working ensures progress is made and avoids organisational overload. Besides solid program management, integration is all about people. 

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