Market Intelligence 

Private Equity firms are always looking for interesting companies to invest in (platforms, add-ons). Sometimes targets are in plain sight, sometimes it is hard work and it requires a structured approach to identify the right targets. We help with the identification, profiling and qualification of target companies. Yes, we Google, yet high quality insights require the combination of analytical power and input from our commercial teams in various countries (boots on the ground).


Commercial Due Diligence

We help Private Equity firms with Commercial Due Diligence, often as a second opinion. We are hands-on and deliver high quality data-driven insights. Typical questions we address are: Is the business plan realistic? Is the sales team organized to achieve growth? What are the main strengths and weaknesses in the commercial strategy? Where can this company grow beyond the plan? We look at the commercial strengths and weaknesses of companies, based on data room information, specific market research and a series of interviews.  This is where our commercial fire power comes in handy - we can organise for in depth interviews with either customers and/or prospects in a matter of weeks throughout the EU and beyond, and integrate the key takeaways in the overall assessment and recommendations.

Post Merger Integration

Companies with a buy and build strategy recognise the fact that the integration of add-ons comes with a lot of complexity, often delaying the realization of projects synergies and other benefits. We come with a strong programmatic approach (PMO) to create a clear overview of all priorities. We cover most PMI aspects, often in collaboration with a wide number of internal & external stakeholders. We manage group culture, individual sensitivities, way-of-working and language barriers.

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