Commercial due diligence

We help Private Equity firms in their Due Diligence by specifically looking at the commercial strengths and weaknesses of the companies that they want to invest in. We compare deep insights from sales statistics, market developments, the sales team and customers with the business plan. We do not only determine the risk on the forecast but also focus on finding ways to increase the growth beyond expectations.

We always keep it hands-on and deliver high quality data-driven insights. Typical questions that we answer are: Is the business plan realistic? Is the sales team organized to achieve growth? What are the main commercial strengths and weaknesses in the commercial strategy? Where can this company grow beyond the plan?

Go-to-market strategy

Excelerators offers all the capabilities to realize international growth better, faster and at a much lower risk. Many companies want to expand their horizons, but the lack of market knowledge and experience makes the ROI uncertain. Our customers can determine the real potential of a new market fast while minimizing the investments.

It all starts with a realistic go-to-market strategy that prioritises the limited resources to the new markets with the highest chance of success. Our research capability plays a crucial role in determining the opportunities for your company, but our strategic experience will help you to make the right choices. Typical initial questions that we answer are: Which country/market is the most interesting? What is the best approach? With what offer can we enter? How are we going to take the first steps?

Strategy & business plan reviews

We always look for long-term relationships and tell it like it is. That’s why we are also asked for strategic reviews. A lot of companies have a pretty good idea where they want to go, but it never hurts to have an outside-in perspective on your strategy and or business plan. In a short time-frame we can review your strategic plan to make sure it is realistic and that everything is in place to actually realize the growth that it predicts.

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