Competitive Benchmarking

We help our clients to understand their competitors’ products and services, pricing and go-to-market approach. We compare these insights with our client’s propositions and go-to-market to uncover key improvements points like adding key features, changing pricing, focus on different regions, find new distributors or adjusting the sales approach. No endless reports or presentations, we bring the key things you should do tomorrow to grow.

Proposition development

We help our clients determine the feasibility to launch new products and services. We can help determine the size of the market, pricing points, who to partner with, the best sales approach and key requirements of your future customers. Our approach is based on market intelligence, deep technical product knowledge, geo spatial analysis on competitors and many years of business experience.

International expansion

With a solid proposition you could grow in new geographical markets, but it raises many questions that we can answer. Which country/market is the most interesting? What is the best approach? With what offer should we enter? Our goal is that clients can determine the real potential of a new market fast, while minimizing the investments. Our network of sales talents can even connect to senior B2B decision makers to open the door to new distribution partners and end-customers.

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