Native speaking lead generation

Where normal market research firms stop, we continue. What make us unique is that we combine market intelligence with B2B lead generation in the middle of your (future) markets. No matter the international market we have an experienced business developer ready that can do the lead generation in the native language. Our network of sales talent really connects to senior decision makers in B2B industries instead of running some standard script. Lead generation is not only about scoring appointments, but also about building relationships and gathering valuable feedback that desk research will never uncover.

Prospect & partner meetings

We excel at acceleration and adapt where needed to deliver top results. We get our customers qualified meetings with top prospects so they can quickly determine their chances in a new market. This phase is about building relationships and gathering insightful knowledge about the market. It helps to sharpen your unique selling points and adapt where needed before you invest heavily in setting up a local presence.

Continuous sales support

International sales is hard work and must be seen as a project to keep the whole team focused. We offer continuous support for the international expansion of our customers with dedicated people that can coordinate further research, lead generation and direct support for your

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