Asses multiple international markets simultaneously

Many companies want to expand their horizons, but the lack of market knowledge and experience makes the ROI uncertain. We probe market interest in a matter of months, allowing us to determine the real potential of a new market fast, minimising the required go-to-market investment. We combine desk research, surveys and interviews of (potential) customers and partners with a strong analytics team. We prefer not to create thick reports, delivering real insights with the potential to drive the future of your business. We offer a single point of contact across markets and come with the potential to research, assess and test multiple markets simultaneously. We create stakeholder overviews of your target industry and markets: potential customers, partners, influencers and competitors. We look at the position of the strongest local and international competitors in a market, so it’s perfectly clear what you are up against.

Develop a realistic go-to-market strategy

A realistic go-to-market strategy prioritises the limited resources to markets with the highest chance of success. Our research capability plays a crucial role in determining the opportunities for your company, but our strategic experience will help you to make the right choices. Typical initial questions that we answer are: Which country/market is the most interesting? What is the best approach? With what offer should we enter? How are we going to take the first steps? Our goal is that customers can determine the real potential of a new market fast while minimizing the investments.

Find new partners and customers across Europe

We are not to be confused with a traditional market research and/or telemarketing company. What makes us unique is that we combine our market intelligence with B2B lead generation right in the middle of your (future) markets. No matter the international market, we have experienced business developers ready to connect you to senior decision makers in the local lnaguage. This commercial power can be used to find new distribution partners and end-customers for existing or new partners. In parallel, we are often involved in the benchmarking and/or activation of existing partners. In a project we always build relationships in the new markets and gather insightful knowledge. This is needed to sharpen the unique selling points and can help adapt where needed before you invest heavily in setting up a local presence. Take a look at our cases to see what we do.

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