Value proposition development

Product/solution focused companies have solid technical skills but often have a hard time explaining what makes them different, standing out from the crowd. Successful companies come with a clear position and value propositions, triggering prospects, customers and (sales) partners. This is especially important for companies with an ambition to expand internationally. We help management sharpen their USP’s, often supported by competitor and customer research. Only when this is crystal clear further business expansion makes sense. 

Sales force effectiveness

We look at organisation, people and processes to determine if the organisation is ready to grow and/or restructure the business. Typical questions include: do we have the right people internally? Are they fully supported with the right processes and IT? Are the objectives and targets clear? Another important aspect is the external sales partners that a lot of companies have to do international business. Typical questions include: Which partners are performing well, what makes them successful and what can others (perhaps less performing) learn from them, their context and approach? Are there specific partners that require help or should be  replaced? Sales data can deliver the first insights, while talking to people will bring all the context to ensure the organisation is on the right track.

Commercial materials

Next hurdle: Having the right sales materials available, often aimed at different audiences, both internal and external with different levels of depth. Often under-estimated, yet crucially important. This is all the documentation needed to do marketing and sales like presentation, brochures, banners, website design etc. Commercial documentation should be suited for different decision makers with different (technical) backgrounds and information needs. We help our customers to ensure the right documentation set is available for the sales team, focus on the basics first and only expand when ready. We use our extensive network for all kinds of support from copywriting, design to website building and banner development.

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