Value proposition development

Product/solution focused companies have solid technical skills but often have a hard time explaining what makes them different, standing out from the crowd. Successful companies come with a clear position and value propositions, triggering prospects, customers and (sales) partners. This is especially important for companies with an ambition to expand internationally. We help management sharpen their USP’s, often supported by competitor and customer research. 


Do we still have the right pricing for our products and services? At first we take a closer look at the competition with the help of mystery shopping for exampe to uncover the pricing for similar propsoitions. Then we help our clients with creating updated pricing (models) and deteremine the impact of a change. This needs carefull modelling, especially when you have a large customer base and a pricing change has immediate impact on revenues and margins. 

Operational efficiency

Business development is not only about growing the business, its also looking at the efficiency of the current operations. Together with our clients we take a deep look at operational data to see how they perform over time and to uncover areas for improvements. An example could be looking at the field technicians of a telecom operator to see what productivity actually is over time and what we could do to improve this. We do not only look at the data but always engage with the poeple in the field to test the hypothesis and make sure any recommendation is realistic.

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