International market research

International expansion is all about focussing on those areas where you have the highest chances of success.  We help our customers with market research to determine the potential of a new market. This can be done through desk research, but also via competitor mystery shopping and direct surveys of (potential) customers & partners. Our work is not focused on creating thick reports but at real insights that drive the future business development activities. Through a single point of contact, you can simultaneously research multiple markets. This saves you a lot of time and gives you maximum flexibility.

Stakeholder profiling

We create stakeholder overviews of your target industry so its clear who are the potential customers, partners, influencers and competitors. This overview already brings a lot of focus for the future in the lead generation. We also look at the position of the strongest local and international competitors in a market, so it’s perfectly clear what you are up against.

Prospect profiling

We deliver the right contacts within the target companies, but can also do in- depth analysis of these companies. Before you approach a company we can uncover what their strategic direction is, over the last years what their major business projects were, who the key suppliers are and what the ICT landscape looks like. Ideal input for your account managers to support their sales activities. In the end it’s not about connecting to the most companies but the right companies.

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