Cost & profitabiliy focus

Growing the revenues is one thing, you still need full control over the cost of the current operations to ensure profitability. Together with our clients we take a deep look at financial & operational data to see how they perform over time and to uncover areas for improvements. An example could be looking at the field technicians of a telecom operator to see what productivity actually is over time and what we could do to improve this. Or we analyse and benchmark cost levels across the organisation of a manufacturer to make sure the profitability stays in line the revenue growth.


With a solid analysis you can uncover a lot of improvement areas, but that doesn't mean you will get the potential savings. The challenge is a solid delivery while the key people are always extremely busy. In our experience it means prioritising the initiatives that matter and really focus on the delivery. By taking a programmatic approach we keep management and the people in the field aligned.

Business Intelligence

Improvement analysis and delivery shouldn't be a one-time exercise as they day to day pressures will distract management. Setting up clean and almost real time KPI reports in tools like PowerBI will provide grip on the organisations and enable faster adjustments. We do the first data gathering & cleaning before building the reports. The visualizations will be improved based on customer feedback so we can truly embed them in the daily operations.

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